Posted on: April 17, 2012 10:24 am

The ignorant AR-KANSAS comments & insults

For you MORONS who think that the fine people of Arkansas "stole" the state of Kansas' name to add to ours...
history lesson here for you DBs.

Arkansas, as a word, is native American in origin.  It happens to have the same root of the word kansas.  Many of the French explorers of what is the Arkansas area today, while communicating with the local indian tribes, came to pronounce the area as 'Kansa', named after the natives there.
In French you have the expanded prounounced - Arkansas, or the meaning: the people down the (Arkansas) River area.

Arkansas and it's people did not take any part of the name of kansas to make it it's own, it has legitimate history for it's name & statehood. 
As well, Arkansas was a state 25 years before kansas was.  If anything, kansas stole the back 3/4 portion of our state name to use as their own.   

So, study a little history people, don't be fools and assume simply by name/word spelling(s).

Also, Arkansas is a much more beautiful state than kansas, has much more tourism, and is almost always more competitive in college sports than kansas is.  The difference in basketball is that Arkansas' success came fairly, while kansas' success has been thru cheating & buying players.
In football, track, baseball, golf, swimming, tennis, tiddlywinks, hell, everything else, there is no comparison, the Hogs are WAY ahead of the gayhawks.  The Razorback's facilities are also light years ahead of kansas's, they are much larger and are much more quality.

In closing -   
ARKANSAS/it's fans - WIN
kansas & other flamers/haters/illiterates - LOSE

Carry on.               
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Posted on: February 20, 2012 9:50 am

Hogs, poli and other qwik observations

Some things I have seen over the years following my beloved Hogs.

It seems our geography plays against us.  Just our location deemd we have no permanent 'home or place we call our own.
We're not southwestern, or southeastern, we have a "no man's land" type of area;  that works against us, esp in recruiting.

The texASS ppl and refs screwed us for 80 years, and now the SEC bunch is screwing us...  I guess it's just our cross to bear as Razorback fans;  I shall wear it as a badge of honor.

Me being a conservative Repub I have watched for years how we are under a different set of rules.
Wait, the rules don't even apply to the left, yet they are the clowns constantly crying foul.
Hey libs, act like human beings and not chimps, maybe you will get some respect.  Until then, nada.
[also, quit hating America, that'd be your first step in the right direction]

What's up with this weather?  Why are people so LOUD on cell phone calls in public places?  This young/newest generation acts so horrible why??


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